Fallen Heroes (2007) Full Hd



Forty year-old Bruno Ledeux, seen sitting across from the doctor, gives the impression of a man who is no longer young but not yet old.Condemned to remain nothing more than a son, he begins his downward slide, as if a fog had shut him in a cage from which there is no escape. Bruno can never have children .He says nothing about this diagnosis to Anne, his beloved wife. Nor does he tell her about a large debt he has taken out. It is as if Bruno were a man without any qualities or talents. A mediocre man who has lost all pride. Though now everything appears hazy in his memory. Like a river that flows peacefully, showing no signs of the hidden currents at work below. But at times those currents can return to the surface. Without warning.


Country: Italy | Switzerland
Language: Italian | French
Release Date: 28 March 2008 (Italy)
Also Known As: Nessuna qualità agli eroi
Director: Paolo Franchi
Writers: Daniela Ceselli, Paolo Franchi
Stars: Bruno Todeschini, Elio Germano, Irène Jacob

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